Czech Republic — GE Money Bank ‘Health Ahead’ programme (‘GE Pro zdraví’)


General Electric (GE) Money Bank a.s. initiated its ‘GE Pro zdraví’ programme in March 2010, in line with GE’s global health culture strategy. ‘Health Ahead’ is a GE certification standard that evaluates workplaces on specific healthy workplace metrics beyond the required health and safety measures. The programme operates throughout the year during working time and is aimed at workers of all ages. Workshops, talks and health screenings are provided, as well as specific return-to-work measures following sickness absence. Two branches were awarded Health Ahead certification based on their scores on both measures predetermined by corporate guidelines and local initiatives. An internal evaluation of 48 measures in the first two years showed increased awareness of healthy lifestyles, increased levels of physical activity and reduced stress. Success factors included clear corporate guidelines, consistent communication with employees and the sharing of good practice between sites. Consistency is ensured by regular certification assessments. This programme is readily transferable, as it can be scaled according to company structure.

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