Bulgaria — Creating healthier and safer working conditions for all employees


The ‘Step Change’ project in Zlatna Panega Cement AD was initiated by its parent company TITAN Group. It was implemented by Zlatna Panega management, its health and safety department, worker representatives and the consulting firm DuPont. ‘Step Change’ included general occupational safety and health measures, such as regular risk assessments, the establishment of a health commission and the provision of preventive medical assistance to all employees. Specific measures targeting older employees include assessments of their working environments, with tailored adaptations made for age-related changes in sight and physical ability. Healthy ageing is promoted through training on prevention of health problems and discounted healthy meals. Two-way communication is the key success factor, with employees encouraged to be equal partners in creating a culture of safety and well-being. The company has achieved its ‘zero accident’ goal and has been commended, both nationally and internationally, for its health and safety policies. This initiative is widely transferable, with the company already extending its programme throughout its supply chain.

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