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Managing occupational safety and health in a warmer planet


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2021 had Europe’s warmest summer on record, according to the European State of the Climate 2021 by Copernicus Climate Change Service.

Summer 2022 has not even started, and the heat forecast gets close to 40 °C in France and exceeds 45 °C in Spain. Europe is experiencing extraordinarily hot weather for this time of the year, but is this a global trend that can already be observed and will continue in the future?

We made a practical compilation of resources on the impact of heat and heatwaves on workers’ health, safety, and wellbeing from those countries outside the EU where extreme temperatures are more ordinary.

Find out some infographics, posters, podcasts, fact sheets, and publications produced by the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety

Discover the guidance material on managing the risks of working in heat by Safe Work Australia

Check out the videos: Napo in… Heat stress (Walk the talk) and Napo in… Heat stress (The duel)