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Celebrating the Framework Directive on Safety and Health at Work

The 25th anniversary of EU-OSHA coincides with another important European milestone on occupational safety and health (OSH): 30 years ago, on 12 June, the OSH Framework Directive 89/391/EEC was adopted by the European Council. This legal act is of fundamental importance for all working people as it lays down the general principles for the prevention and protection of workers against occupational accidents and diseases.

In addition, the recent “Evaluation of the Practical Implementation of EU Occupational Safety and Health Directives” concludes that the reguation has achieved its stated objective of introducing measures to encourage improvements in the safety and health at work, and suggests that it has positively affected enterprises' behaviour regarding ensuring occupational safety and health in the Member States.

The regulation paved the road for the steady development of OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) as it requires the European employers to evaluate the risks to safety and health of workers and to take adequate measures to eliminate and prevent them.

Today, the OiRA community continues to grow empowering more and more European companies with the right knowledge and expertise to do their proper risk assessments and maintain safe and healthy working environments.