Latest update: 03/05/2018

Agreement between the social partners concerning the implementation of the Work in Fishing Convention

This agreement implements the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Convention on "Work in the fishing sector" (n° 188) at EU level.

The fishing vessel owner has the overall responsibility to ensure that the skipper is provided with the necessary resources and facilities, while the skipper has the responsibility for the safety of the fishermen on board and the safe operation of the vessel. The Agreement sets out minimum age, compulsory medical examinations and certificates for fishermen. It deals with manning and specifies the limits on hours of work and rest. For every fishing vessel crew lists have to be drawn up and every fisherman has to be covered by a work agreement. The cost of the repatriation of a fisherman who becomes unable to work or whose agreement terminates shall be borne by the owner of the vessel.

The Agreement sets out minimum requirements concerning food, drink and accommodation. Fishermen shall be provided with medical care on board, and have the right to be taken ashore in a timely manner for treatment in the event of serious injury or illness.

Each Member State shall adopt the necesarry national laws to implement the provisions of this agreement.


  • Annex I: Equivalence in measurement
  • Annex II: Fisherman’s work agreement
  • Annex III: Fishing vessel accommodation

Addendums are not part of the social partners’ agreement but give useful information on the relationship to other international agreements in that sector:

  1. Correlation table
  2. Explanatory notes
  3. Contractual relations: recruitment and placement services
  4. Contractual relations: assignment / posting / lending-out services
  5. Ratifications of ILO labour market instruments
  6. Ratifications of ILO instruments for the fishing sector
  7. Provision and payment of health care to fishermen
  8. Work In Fishing Convention, 2007

The agreement was annexed to Council Directive 2017/159/EU of 19 December 2016 implementing the Agreement concerning the implementation of the Work in Fishing Convention, 2007 of the International Labour Organisation.

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