Corporate strategy and work programmes

The work programmes are based on EU-OSHA’s corporate strategy.

Setting out a long-term strategy

The current corporate strategy covers 2018–2023 and identifies six priority areas:

  1. Anticipating change — through our foresight projects
  2. Facts and figures  — gathering and spreading information for researchers and policy-makers through ESENER and OSH overviews
  3. Tools for the management of OSH — primarily through OiRA
  4. Raising awareness of OSH — through the Healthy Workplaces Campaigns and other awareness-raising activities
  5. Networking knowledge — particularly through the development of OSHwiki
  6. Networking

For more information, download EU-OSHA’s corporate strategy 2018–2023, which is coherent with European Commission's Strategic Framework on Health and Safety at Work 2021-2027 and the European Commission's Communication on modernisation of OSH from January 2017

Planning for the year ahead

Each year, EU-OSHA’s Executive Director prepares and the Management Board adopts a single programming document setting out the Agency’s three-year rolling programme. It details the activities to be carried out and the objectives to be achieved in particular for the year ahead.

The single programming document sets clear priorities and aims to ensure that the Agency makes the best use of its resources and its network. Some important areas of activity are: anticipating change, awareness raising, and facts and figures on OSH topics.

To view work programmes/single programming documents for previous years, visit our publications page.

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