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A global framework for safety, health and security for work-related international travel


The Global Framework: Safety, health and security for work-related international travel and assignments was released by The International SOS Foundation following a Meeting of International Experts held last year. 

It was developed as a result of considerable growth of international business travel and travel related to work due to globalisation, new markets and the need for services. The framework guides an organisation in identifying threats and hazards, and managing risks to the safety, health and security of those travelling for their work or on international assignment. 

The document leads an organisation through setting up a travel and assignment safety, health and security policy integrated within its existing policy structure. The framework sets out measures to formulate an organisation’s travel risk and emergency management system, proposing key roles and responsibilities as well as developing competencies through training and education.

The International SOS Foundation is a registered charity and is a fully independent non-profit organisation and has as its goal improving the safety, security, health and welfare of workers abroad or on remote assignments through the study, understanding, and mitigation of potential risks. 

More information is available onthe International SOS Foundation website