Developing Occupational Safety and Health Systems

Tim Tregenza

The Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association hosted the first International Conference on OSH Management Systems, with cooperation of the State Labor Inspectorate within the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, in Struga on 8th and 9th February 2011.

The global financial and economic crisis has had adverse effects on employment and working life, and also on occupational safety and health all over the world. Global challenges necessitate global cooperation and one of the most effective and efficient ways is to invest jointly in a safe working environment which will promote well-being and boost productivity by means of eliminating injuries and illnesses.

Speakers from across Europe, including Shengli Niu (ILO), Malcolm McIntyre (IOSH), Zofia Pawlowksa (CIOP, Poland), Susanne Ulk (Danish Branch Sector Council for OSH), Giancarlo Bianchi (ENSHPO), as well as from EU-OSHA joined key Macedonian Stakeholders and experts from  Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Kosovo in analysing approaches to prevention strategies in the model of the European prevention framework. The aim of the conference was to share experiences from the implementation of OSH management systems on a World level, European level, experiences of the Balkan countries and all the relevant national institutions.

Dynamically led by the head of the Macedonian Occupational Safety and Health Association, Milan Petkovski, and organised by the indefatigable Ljupco Kocovski the conference successfully examined the challenges confronting countries in the region and key areas of action required.