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ANSES: key national information provider visits EU-OSHA

Tim Tregenza

The French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Safety and Health (L’Agence nationale de sécurité sanitaire de l’alimentation, de l’environnement et du travail), or ANSES was created in 2010 with the merger of the French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA) and the French Agency for Environmental and Occupational Health Safety (AFSSET)). This merger means that ANSES presents an interesting cross-cutting approach to health topics, with all types of exposure to potential hazards and risks being considered, whether that exposure comes from work, leisure activities, travel, or even food. 

Accountable to the French Ministries of Health, Agriculture, the Environment, Labour and Consumer Affairs and led by Marc Mortureux, Director General, ANSES undertakes monitoring, expert appraisal, research and reference missions in a broad field of competence.

ANSES has a network of 11 reference and research laboratories located in 16 different parts of France, employs nearly 1350 people and calls on around 800 external experts through its expert groups.

On 23 April, ANSES, a key network partner of the French focal point, visited EU-OSHA to compare approaches and identify areas of mutual interest. In the Anses delegation was M. Gerard Lasfargues, Deputy Director for Scientific Affairs, Mrs Rozenn Saunier, Director, European and International Affairs department, M. Henri Bastos, Assistant Director for Occupational Health, Risk Assessment Department, and Mrs Salma Elreedy, Assistant Director, European and international affairs department.