On 26 April 2024, EU-OSHA was invited to participate at an OSH conference organised by ILO to mark the World OSH Day (28 April) in Pristina.

The conference aimed at raise OSH awareness among policy makers, social partners, enforcement authorities, CSOs and the general public. The event was opened by interventions from the Minister of Finance, Labour and Transfer (Hekuran Murati), the Swedish Ambassador (Jonas Westerlund), the EU office Head of Cooperation (Johannes Madsen), and the UN Development Coordinator (Arnhild Spence), who all underlined the importance of OSH risk prevention in workplaces to protect workers’ health as well as to enhance business’ productiveness and economy competitiveness.

A panel discussion followed where the chief Labour Inspector and EU-OSHA FOP manager (Hekuran Nikçi), and representatives from the Chamber of Commerce (Bersat Krasniqi), from Trade Unions (Blendor Shatri), and from the Kosovo Stability Initiative (Brikena Hoxha) had the opportunity to discuss on accidents at work and on the importance of tripartite dialogue.

A second panel discussion on the topic of OSH risks related to climate change, moderated by EU-OSHA, saw the intervention of an ILO labour inspector specialist (Luiz Rocha), a senior policy and public affairs manager from IOSH (Dr Ivan Williams), one environmental protection advisor (Egzona Shala), and one environmental and OSH specialist (Ermira Elshani).

The audience was represented by representatives of policy makers, social partners, enforcement authorities, NGOs, and students.

Following the request by IPA Focal points, EU-OSHA has translated the HWC 2023-2025 material to IPA languages and started a public procurement for print out.

This will allow IPA Focal points to distribute the material at national level to increase the awareness of policy makers, social partners, enforcing authorities, NGOs and the general public on the OSH risks related to digitalisation.