Within the EC funded IPA Action 2020-2022, EU-OSHA organised an on-line seminar for the IPA beneficiaries on the topic of COVID-19 to raise awareness of the recent EU-OSHA publication "COVID-19: Back to the workplace - Adapting workplaces and protecting workers" as well as to share the latest OSH kowledge on the best practice to prevent workers from the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the risk of ill-health in workplaces.

The webinar had the aim to maintain OSH information and communication exchange between EU-OSHA and the beneficiaries as at the moment it is not possible for the EU Agency either to organise field visits to beneficiaries or for the beneficiaries to organise missions to EU Member States.

The Executive Director of EU-OSHA, Christa Sedlatschek opened the webinar and welcomed all participants before EU-OSHA presenting the contents of the Guide. All IPA representatives shared their current practices and difficulties in tackling the new health situation and had the possibility to raise questions and obtain specific recommendations and advice from the Agency.