Several new OiRA tools were published in 2013 with support from EU-OSHA. This takes the total number of tools available to 15. But more importantly, there is now an OiRA community actively working together across Europe to make risk prevention easier. And the outlook for this year is even more promising, with around 50 more tools under development.

The Consolidated Use of Work Equipment Directive 2009/104/EC requires tower and mobile cranes to be examined to detect actual and potential defects and weaknesses, and for such to be reported and acted upon so as to ensure safe crane operation. This requires an examiner who is both competent and impartial to carry out the examination. 

Guidance has been developed by a tripartite working group with representation from employees, employers and governments. The purpose of this guidance is to advise on appropriate minimum standards to ensure the competence (and impartiality) of persons carrying-out periodic and assembly examinations of tower and mobile cranes.