The focal points, EU-OSHA’s primary contacts in the Member States, met in Barcelona in a parallel session of the Spanish Presidency Conference on the Community Strategy. The meeting was focused on the launch of the first ESENER survey results (http://ESENER.EU) and how the key messages of the survey could be disseminated into the Member States.


Working environments are continuously changing with the introduction of new technologies, substances and work processes, changes in the structure of the workforce and the labour market, and new forms of employment and work organisation. New work situations bring new risks and challenges for workers and employers, which in turn demand political, administrative, technical and regulatory approaches to ensure high levels of safety and health at work.

Would you like to know more about how occupational safety and health (OSH) is managed in your country’s workplaces – and across the whole of the EU, and beyond?  Do you know the reasons for companies to take prevention seriously – or what stops them from doing so? And how are workers’ representatives involved in OSH management?