Annual activity report

One of the ways in which EU-OSHA ensures that it is transparent and accountable is by publishing annual reports on its activities and achievements.

For each financial year, EU-OSHA’s Executive Director prepares a report on the Agency’s work and activities. It follows the structure of the annual work programme in the programming document, giving an account of the delivery of the key objectives and activities that were outlined in the plan. It also examines the resources that were used in achieving the Agency’s objectives. 

The annual activity report also functions as the Executive Director’s management report, covering, for example, the implementation of the internal control framework, including the results of internal and external audits, external evaluation system and performance indicators results as well as financial and HR information.

EU-OSHA’s Management Board analyses and assesses the activity report. This is an important step in the process of evaluating how the Agency implemented its budget for the year (the discharge process that involves the European Parliament and the Council).