EU-OSHA’s multilingual thesaurus of occupational safety and health terminology lists words grouped together in a hierarchy. It includes synonyms and antonyms of those words and some definitions.

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sustainable work


work that allows people to engage and remain in a job that does not harm their physical or mental health and will last for an extended period of their working life

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In relation to OSH, sustainable work consists of two basic elements, both covered in the European legal framework on OSH: ensuring work does not damage physical or mental health across the life course, by controlling risks to all workers (generic measures), and taking additional steps where necessary to protect any particularly vulnerable groups or individuals.

Term reference

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  • Български: устойчива работа
  • Čeština: udržitelná práce
  • Dansk: bæredygtigt arbejde
  • Deutsch: nachhaltige Arbeit
  • Ελληνικά: βιώσιμη εργασία
  • English: sustainable work
  • Español: trabajo sostenible
  • Eesti: jätkusuutlik töötamine
  • Suomi: kestävä työ
  • Français: travail durable
  • Hrvatski: održivi rad
  • Magyar: fenntartható munka
  • Íslenska: sjálfbær vinna
  • Italiano: lavoro sostenibile
  • Lietuvių: tvarus darbas
  • Latviešu: ilgtspējīgs darbs
  • Malti: xogħol sostenibbli
  • Nederlands: duurzaam werk
  • Norsk: bærekraftig arbeid
  • Polski: zrównoważona praca
  • Português: trabalho sustentável
  • Română: muncă durabilă
  • Slovenčina: udržateľná práca
  • Slovenščina: trajnostno delo
  • Svenska: hållbart arbete