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social innovation


new strategies, concepts, ideas and organisations that meet social needs of all kinds, from working conditions and education to community development and health

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Workplace innovation and OSH management can both be considered as part of the initiative Social Innovation Europe that was launched on 16–17 March 2011. The concept of Social Innovation of Work and Employment refers to challenges and solutions on the level of society whereas OSH management and workplace innovation refer to related challenges and solutions on the organisational level.

Term reference

Review of workplace innovation and its relation with occupational safety and health, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2012, [25.9.2018]


Operates at the level of society as a whole (policymaking) 


  • Български: социална иновация
  • Čeština: sociální inovace
  • Dansk: social innovation
  • Deutsch: soziale Innovation
  • Ελληνικά: κοινωνική καινοτομία
  • English: social innovation
  • Español: innovación social
  • Eesti: sotsiaalne innovatsioon
  • Suomi: sosiaalinen innovaatio
  • Français: innovation sociale
  • Hrvatski: društvena inovacija
  • Magyar: társadalmi innováció
  • Íslenska: félagsleg nýsköpun
  • Italiano: innovazione sociale
  • Lietuvių: socialinės inovacijos
  • Latviešu: sociālā inovācija
  • Malti: innovazzjoni soċjali
  • Nederlands: sociale innovatie
  • Norsk: sosial innovasjon
  • Polski: innowacje społeczne
  • Português: inovação social
  • Română: inovare socială
  • Slovenčina: sociálna inovácia
  • Slovenščina: socialne inovacije
  • Svenska: social innovation