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persuasive technology


technology designed to cause users to voluntarily change their attitudes or behaviour, through digital feedback and social influence

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persuasive technology uses an influencing algorithm and actuators to provide active feedback to the user. Such feedback can be a change of environmental light, different music, an encouraging message, or an anonymous comparison with a reference (e.g., peers). Since Fogg's seminal work in 2002, persuasive technology has obtained a position on the border of social sciences and engineering.

Term reference

van den Broek, E., L., Monitoring technology: The 21st century's pursuit for well-being?, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), Bilbao, 2017, p. 5, [9.10.2018]


  • Български: технология за убеждаване
  • Čeština: přesvědčovací technologie
  • Dansk: overtalende teknologi
  • Deutsch: Überredungstechnologie
  • Ελληνικά: τεχνολογία επηρεασμού
  • English: persuasive technology
  • Español: tecnología persuasiva
  • Eesti: veenev tehnoloogia
  • Suomi: suostutteleva teknologia
  • Français: technologie de persuasion
  • Hrvatski: poboljšanje fizičkog izgleda
  • Magyar: meggyőző technológia
  • Íslenska: sannfærandi tækni
  • Italiano: tecnologia persuasiva
  • Lietuvių: įtikinančios technologijos
  • Latviešu: pārliecinoša tehnoloģija
  • Malti: titjib fiżiku
  • Nederlands: persuasieve technologie
  • Norsk: påvirkende teknologi
  • Polski: technologia perswazyjna
  • Português: tecnologia persuasiva
  • Română: tehnologie persuasivă
  • Slovenčina: presviedčacia technológia
  • Slovenščina: tehnologija za prepričevanje
  • Svenska: beteendeförändrande design