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Organisational climate


perception of the employees at different organisational levels about different important elements of the work environment, such as events, procedures, rules and relations

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The study pointed out that, among Norwegian workers, a low power distance and a less assertive (masculine) organisational climate go along with a high level of trust (in colleagues‘ as well as supervisors’ commitment to safety) and high compliance with and participation in safety. This pattern appeared, however, to be different among United Kingdom workers, among whom an assertive organisational climate may still be safety compliant (i.e. sticking to the safety rules) and combined with low social distance between superior and subordinates.

Term reference

Starren, A., Luijters, K., Drupsteen, L., Vilkevicius, G., Eeckelaert, L., Diverse cultures at work: ensuring safety and health through leadership and participation, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2013, p. 11, [9.10.2018] // Syn: 'organisation climate'. Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, St. Petersburg, Florida, 17.7.2018, [9.10.2018]


  • Български: работна атмосфера
  • Čeština: organizační klima
  • Dansk: virksomhedskultur
  • Deutsch: Betriebsklima
  • Ελληνικά: κλίμα που επικρατεί στην επιχείρηση όσον αφορά στην οργάνωση της εργασίας
  • English: Organisational climate
  • Español: clima organizacional
  • Eesti: organisatsioonikliima
  • Suomi: organisaation ilmapiiri
  • Français: climat organisationnel
  • Hrvatski: raznolikost organizacije
  • Magyar: szervezeti légkör
  • Íslenska: fyrirtækjamenning
  • Italiano: clima organizzativo
  • Lietuvių: organizacinis klimatas
  • Latviešu: organizatoriskais klimats
  • Malti: klima organizzattiva
  • Nederlands: organisatieklimaat
  • Norsk: organisasjonsklima
  • Polski: klimat organizacyjny
  • Português: clima organizacional
  • Română: atmosfera din organizație
  • Slovenčina: podnikové prostredie
  • Slovenščina: vzdušje v organizaciji
  • Svenska: organisationsklimat