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fit2work programme


early-intervention programme that provides services to help employees maintain their work ability following physical or mental health issues

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Programmes that intervene at the whole company level, rather than at the individual level (such as the fit2work programme ), can help raise workers' and managers' awareness of sickness and disability management.

Term reference

Belin, A., Dupont, C., Oulès, L., Kuipers, Y., Fries-Tersch, E., Rehabilitation and return to work: Analysis report on EU and Member States policies, strategies and programmes, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2016, p. 22, [9.10.2018]


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  • Български: Програма Fit2Work
  • Čeština: program fit2work
  • Dansk: fit2work-program
  • Deutsch: Programm fit2work
  • Ελληνικά: πρόγραμμα Fit2work
  • English: fit2work programme
  • Español: programa Fit2work
  • Eesti: töövõimekava
  • Suomi: fit2work-ohjelma
  • Français: programme fit2work
  • Hrvatski: program fit2work
  • Magyar: fit2work program
  • Íslenska: fit2work áætlun
  • Italiano: programma fit2work
  • Lietuvių: programa „fit2work“
  • Latviešu: Fit2work programma
  • Malti: programm fit2work
  • Nederlands: fit2work-programma
  • Norsk: fit2work-programmet
  • Polski: program fit2work
  • Português: programa fit2work (apto a trabalhar)
  • Română: programul „fit2work”
  • Slovenčina: program fit2work
  • Slovenščina: program „fit2work“
  • Svenska: programmet fit2work