EU-OSHA’s multilingual thesaurus of occupational safety and health terminology lists words grouped together in a hierarchy. It includes synonyms and antonyms of those words and some definitions.

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external wearable framework that augments a human's natural physical ability

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The use of autonomous vehicles, bionics and exoskeletons enables an ageing population to continue to work. However, their use may cause loss of bone or muscle density and/or joint flexibility.

Term reference

Foresight on new and emerging occupational safety and health risks associated with information and communication technologies and work location by 2025, Final report, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2018


  • Български: екзоскелет
  • Čeština: exoskeleton
  • Dansk: exoskelet
  • Deutsch: Exoskelett
  • Ελληνικά: εξωσκελετός
  • English: exoskeleton
  • Español: exoesqueleto
  • Eesti: välisskelett
  • Suomi: ulkoinen tukiranka
  • Français: exosquelette
  • Hrvatski: egzoskelet
  • Magyar: mesterséges külső váz
  • Íslenska: ytri stoðgrind
  • Italiano: esoscheletro
  • Lietuvių: egzoskeletas
  • Latviešu: eksoskelets
  • Malti: eksoskeletru
  • Nederlands: exoskelet
  • Norsk: eksoskjelett
  • Polski: egzoszkielet
  • Português: exosqueleto
  • Română: exoschelet
  • Slovenčina: exoskelet
  • Slovenščina: zunanje okostje
  • Svenska: exoskelettal mekanism