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plant protection product


pesticide that protects crops, desirable or useful plants used in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, amenity areas and home gardens containing at least one active substance

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Producers, suppliers, distributors, importers and exporters shall keep records of the plant protection products they produce, while Member States shall carry out monitoring and controls. Member States shall keep an up-to-date inventory of any authorised and withdrawn plant protection products in a publicly available database.

Term reference

European Agency for Safety and Health at Work — EU-OSHA, Home » Legislation » EU directives » Exposure to chemical agents... »Regulation (EC) No 1107/2009 - plant protection products,


Has one of the following functions: protect plants or plant products against pests/diseases, before or after harvest; influence the life processes of plants (such as substances influencing their growth, excluding nutrients); preserve plant products; destroy or prevent growth of undesired plants or parts of plants


  • Български: продукт за растителна защита
  • Čeština: přípravek na ochranu rostlin
  • Dansk: plantebeskyttelsesmidddel
  • Deutsch: Pflanzenschutzmittel
  • Ελληνικά: φυτοπροστατευτικό προϊόν
  • English: plant protection product
  • Español: producto fitosanitario
  • Eesti: taimekaitsevahend 
  • Suomi: kasvinsuojeluaine
  • Français: produit phytopharmaceutique
  • Hrvatski: kokičasta pluća radnika
  • Magyar: növényvédő szer
  • Íslenska: plöntuverndarvara
  • Italiano: prodotto fitosanitario
  • Lietuvių: augalų apsaugos produktas
  • Latviešu: augu aizsardzības līdzeklis
  • Malti: pulmun tal-popcorn tal-ħaddiema
  • Nederlands: gewasbeschermingsmiddel
  • Norsk: plantevernmiddel
  • Polski: środek ochrony roślin
  • Português: produto fitofarmacêutico
  • Română: produs fitosanitar
  • Slovenčina: prípravok na ochranu rastlín
  • Slovenščina: fitofarmacevtsko sredstvo
  • Svenska: växtskyddsmedel