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capability in causing tumor formation

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Thus, the emphasis of this guidance is on the need to estimate systemic exposure, to parent compound and/or metabolite(s) at appropriate dose levels and at various stages of an oncogenicity study, so that the findings of the study may be considered in the perspective of comparative exposure for the animal model and humans.

Term reference

EMA, ICH Topic S 3 A Toxicokinetics: A Guidance for Assessing Systemic Exposure in Toxicology Studies,


  • Български: онкогенност
  • Čeština: onkogenicita
  • Dansk: onkogenicitet
  • Deutsch: Onkogenität
  • Ελληνικά: ογκογενετικότητα
  • English: oncogenicity
  • Español: carcinogenicidad
  • Eesti: onkogeensus
  • Suomi: onkogeenisuus
  • Français: oncogénicité
  • Hrvatski: oncogenicity
  • Magyar: onkogenitás
  • Íslenska: æxlismyndunargeta
  • Italiano: oncogenicità
  • Lietuvių: onkogeniškumas
  • Latviešu: onkoģenēze
  • Malti: onkoġeniċità
  • Nederlands: kankerverwekkend vermogen
  • Norsk: onkogenisitet
  • Polski: onkogenność
  • Português: oncogenicidade
  • Română: oncogenitate
  • Slovenčina: onkogenita
  • Slovenščina: onkogenost
  • Svenska: onkogenitet