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gene that, when mutated or expressed at high levels, helps turn a normal cell into a tumor cell

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Cancer is believed to develop through a complex cascade of transformation events that lead to an accumulation of genetic abnormalities. Often, sequential activation of oncogenes causes pre-cancerous cells to acquire a malignant phenotype. The activating protein (AP-1) group of transcription factors consists of heterodimers of members of the c-Jun and c-Fos oncogenic protein families.

Term reference

BCL6-C-JUN-CAX — Result In Brief, Understanding oncogene regulation, Community Research and Development Information, Service, [28.9.2018]


  • Български: онкоген
  • Čeština: onkogen
  • Dansk: onkogen
  • Deutsch: Onkogen
  • Ελληνικά: ογκογονίδιο
  • English: oncogene
  • Español: oncogén
  • Eesti: onkogeen
  • Suomi: syöpägeeni
  • Français: oncogène
  • Hrvatski: oncogene
  • Magyar: onkogén
  • Íslenska: æxlisgen
  • Italiano: oncogene
  • Lietuvių: onkogenas
  • Latviešu: onkogēns
  • Malti: onkoġene
  • Nederlands: kankergen
  • Norsk: onkogen
  • Polski: onkogen
  • Português: oncogene
  • Română: oncogenă
  • Slovenčina: onkogén
  • Slovenščina: onkogen
  • Svenska: onkogen