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European standard


standard adopted by a European standardisation organisation

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'European Standardization plays an important role in the development and consolidation of the European Single Market. The fact that each European Standard is recognized across the whole of Europe, and automatically becomes the national standard in 33 European countries, makes it much easier for businesses to sell their goods or services to customers throughout the European Single Market.'

Term reference

Our role in Europe, CEN>Who we are>Our role in Europe, [27.9.2018]


  • Български: европейски стандарт
  • Čeština: evropská norma
  • Dansk: europæisk standard
  • Deutsch: Europäische Norm
  • Ελληνικά: ευρωπαϊκο πρότυπο
  • English: European standard
  • Español: norma europea
  • Eesti: Euroopa standard 
  • Suomi: eurooppalainen standardi
  • Français: norme européenne
  • Hrvatski: europska norma
  • Magyar: európai szabvány
  • Íslenska: Evrópustaðall
  • Italiano: norma europea
  • Lietuvių: Europos standartas
  • Latviešu: Eiropas standarts
  • Malti: standard Ewropew
  • Nederlands: Europese norm
  • Norsk: europeisk standard
  • Polski: norma europejska
  • Português: norma europeia
  • Română: standard european
  • Slovenčina: európska norma
  • Slovenščina: evropski standard
  • Svenska: europeisk standard