EU-OSHA’s multilingual thesaurus of occupational safety and health terminology lists words grouped together in a hierarchy. It includes synonyms and antonyms of those words and some definitions.

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protective measure


any precautionary action, procedure or installation conceived or undertaken to guard or defend from harm to persons, property or the environment

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An analysis of protective measure types to be applied in the three countries does not show any significant general differences. Considerable differences do actually exist as regards the quality, up-todateness and age of the protective equipment in use.

Term reference

Feasibility study on the development of a computer-assisted telephone survey to estimate workers’ exposure to carcinogens in the European Union, European Risk Observatory, Report, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, [28.9.2018]


  • Български: защитна мярка
  • Čeština: ochranné opatření
  • Dansk: beskyttelsesforanstaltning
  • Deutsch: Schutzmaßnahme
  • Ελληνικά: μέτρο προστασίας
  • English: protective measure
  • Español: medida de protección
  • Eesti: kaitsemeede
  • Suomi: suojelutoimenpide
  • Français: mesure de protection
  • Hrvatski: zaštitna mjera
  • Magyar: védelmi intézkedés
  • Íslenska: forvarnaraðgerðir
  • Italiano: misura di protezione
  • Lietuvių: apsaugos priemonė
  • Latviešu: aizsardzības pasākums
  • Malti: miżura protettiva
  • Nederlands: beschermende maatregel
  • Norsk: vernetiltak
  • Polski: środek ochronny
  • Português: medida de proteção
  • Română: măsură de protecție
  • Slovenčina: ochranné opatrenie
  • Slovenščina: varnostni ukrep
  • Svenska: skyddsåtgärd