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Info -

Information right


rights pertaining to information and consultation of the workforce under Community law

Context: Info

Participation is mainly the accommodation of the proprietor / owner as a situational and partial codetermination, co-management and co-organisation [1]. It can be differentiated by the… degree of participation (dimension of participation like no involvement, right for information, right for proposals, workers' participation, veto right, total autonomy) [1].

Term reference

Specifications for tender EU-OSHA/CPU/2012/T4, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, [28.9.2018]


  • Български: право на информиране
  • Čeština: právo na informování
  • Dansk: ret til information
  • Deutsch: Informationsrecht
  • Ελληνικά: δικαίωμα ενημέρωσης
  • English: Information right
  • Español: derecho de información
  • Eesti: õigus saada teavet
  • Suomi: oikeus saada tietoa
  • Français: droit à l’information
  • Hrvatski: pravo na informiranje
  • Magyar: tájékoztatáshoz való jog
  • Íslenska: upplýsingaréttur
  • Italiano: diritto di informazione
  • Lietuvių: teisė į informavimą
  • Latviešu: tiesības uz informāciju
  • Malti: dritt għal informazzjoni
  • Nederlands: recht op voorlichting
  • Norsk: rett til informasjon
  • Polski: prawo do informacji
  • Português: direito à informação
  • Română: dreptul la informare
  • Slovenčina: právo na informácie
  • Slovenščina: pravica do obveščanja
  • Svenska: rätt till information