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return on investment


financial metric used to evaluate the performance of an investment, where the gain of the investor is expressed as a percentage of the original investment

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A number of studies have shown that every euro spent on WHP leads to a return on investment (ROI) of between €2.5 and €4.8 due to a reduction in the costs arising from absenteeism (ENWHP, 2009).

Term reference


  • Български: възвръщаемост на инвестицията
  • Čeština: návratnost investic
  • Dansk: forrentning af investeret kapital
  • Deutsch: Kapitalrendite
  • Ελληνικά: απόδοση επένδυσης (ROI)
  • English: return on investment
  • Español: return on investment
  • Eesti: investeeringute tasuvus
  • Suomi: sijoituksen tuotto
  • Français: rendement des capitaux investis
  • Hrvatski: povrat ulaganja
  • Magyar: befektetés hozama
  • Íslenska: Arðsemi fjárfestinga
  • Italiano: redditività del capitale investito
  • Lietuvių: investicijų grąža
  • Latviešu: peļņa no kapitāla ieguldījuma
  • Malti: redditu fuq l-investiment
  • Nederlands: rendement op investering
  • Norsk: Avkastning på investering
  • Polski: zwrot z inwestycji
  • Português: rentabilidade do capital investido
  • Română: rentabilitate a investiției
  • Slovenčina: návratnosť investície
  • Slovenščina: donosnost naložb
  • Svenska: avkastning på investering