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seasonal contract


implicit or explicit contract of employment where the timing and duration of the contract is significantly influenced by seasonal factors such as the climatic cycle, public holidays and/or agricultural harvests

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Another feature which distinguishes this working sector is the high turnover of workers on a seasonal contract, partly of non-EU origin, which can make it diffi cult to create coherent training programmes and to plan for prevention activities in the working environment.

Term reference

Protecting workers in hotels, restaurants and catering, Working Environment Information EN 5, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, [28.9.2018]


  • Български: договор за сезонна работа
  • Čeština: sezonní smlouva
  • Dansk: sæsonarbejdskontrakt
  • Deutsch: Saisonarbeitsvertrag
  • Ελληνικά: σύμβαση εποχικής απασχόλησης
  • English: seasonal contract
  • Español: contrato estacional
  • Eesti: hooajatöö leping
  • Suomi: kausityösopimus
  • Français: contrat saisonnier
  • Hrvatski: ugovor o sezonskom radu
  • Magyar: idénymunkára létesített munkaviszony
  • Íslenska: árstíðabundinn samningur
  • Italiano: contratto di lavoro stagionale
  • Lietuvių: sezoninio darbo sutartis
  • Latviešu: sezonas rakstura darbu līgums
  • Malti: kuntratt staġonali
  • Nederlands: seizoenscontract
  • Norsk: sesongarbeid
  • Polski: kontrakt sezonowy
  • Português: contrato sazonal
  • Română: contract sezonier
  • Slovenčina: sezónna zmluva
  • Slovenščina: pogodba o sezonskem delu
  • Svenska: avtal om säsongsarbete