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person participating in a formal vocational education and training scheme that combines substantial work-based learning with learning in education or training institutions, leading to a nationally recognised qualification

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Apprenticeships are a particularly effective form of work-based learning in vocational education and training that eases the transition from education and training into work. They provide the skills that employers need, and enhance the competitiveness and productivity of companies and workplaces. While most apprentices are young learners, apprenticeships are also increasingly offered to older workers to gain a qualification that increases their employability and opportunities for career development.

Term reference

Proposal for a COUNCIL RECOMMENDATION on a European Framework for Quality and Effective Apprenticeships, COM(2017) 563 final, CELEX:52017DC0563/EN


  • Български: чирак
  • Čeština: učeň
  • Dansk: lærling
  • Deutsch: Auszubildender
  • Ελληνικά: μαθητευόμενος
  • English: apprentice
  • Español: aprendiz
  • Eesti: õpipoiss
  • Suomi: oppisopimuskoulutettava
  • Français: apprenti
  • Hrvatski: naučnik
  • Magyar: tanulószerződéses tanuló
  • Íslenska: lærlingur
  • Italiano: apprendista
  • Lietuvių: pameistrys
  • Latviešu: māceklis
  • Malti: apprendist
  • Nederlands: leerlingplaats
  • Norsk: lærling
  • Polski: praktykant
  • Português: aprendiz
  • Română: ucenic
  • Slovenčina: učeň
  • Slovenščina: vajenec
  • Svenska: lärling