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help provided to redundant workers to find new employment by offering personalised support, including mentoring, job-search assistance and training

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Partnering with an outplacement specialist will also provide the support and assistance to your management to professionally handle all the issues surrounding a restructure and help maintain a productive and positive environment.
Lastly, in the war for talent, it simply does not make good business sense to excommunicate people who no longer fit the business today. Better to have them as allies and friends and even potential reemployment candidates in the future if circumstances change. ; "A financial contribution from the EGF may be made for active labour market measures that form part of a coordinated package of personalised services designed to re-integrate redundant workers into the labour market, including: [...] outplacement assistance and entrepreneurship promotion or aid for self-employment;"

Term reference

a service that offers counselling and careers advice, especially to redundant executives, which is paid for by their previous employer (Collins). The OED equates outplacement with "dehiring", a "polite" term for "sacking".


  • Български: пренасочване
  • Čeština: outplacement
  • Dansk: outplacement
  • Deutsch: Outplacement
  • Ελληνικά: επανένταξη στην αγορά εργασίας
  • English: outplacement
  • Español: recolocación
  • Eesti: töövahendus
  • Suomi: uudelleensijoittumisvalmennus
  • Français: reclassement externe
  • Hrvatski: roditeljski dopust
  • Magyar: az újbóli elhelyezkedés esélyének javítása
  • Íslenska: starfsráðgjöf vegna uppsagnar
  • Italiano: ricollocazione
  • Lietuvių: atleistųjų įdarbinimas
  • Latviešu: aprūpētais darba uzteikums
  • Malti: rikollokament
  • Nederlands: outplacement
  • Norsk: outplacement
  • Polski: zwolnienie monitorowane
  • Português: recolocação
  • Română: plasarea personalului disponibilizat
  • Slovenčina: outplacement
  • Slovenščina: iskanje nove zaposlitve
  • Svenska: omställningsstöd