MSD's: When it's LU, it's also approved

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MSD's: When it's LU, it's also approved

TMS: Quand c’est LU, c’est aussi approuvé

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On the LU site in La Haye-Fouassière, near Nantes, the lines largely automated to make cookies, run at full speed. However, the plant has been identified by Carsat Pays-de-la-Loire as a risky company in terms of MSDs. The whole company, members of the CHSCT, occupational nurse, managers and operators, are mobilized to participate in prevention actions validated by management. The company also faced some psychosocial issues and solutions were found.

Sur le site LU de La Haye-Fouassière, près de Nantes, les lignes largement automatisées tournent à plein régime. L’usine a pourtant été identifiée par la Carsat Pays-de-la-Loire comme une entreprise à risques en termes de TMS. Toute l’entreprise, membres du CHSCT, infirmière du travail, managers et opérateurs, s’est mobilisée pour participer aux actions de prévention validées par la direction.

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Awkward postures
Fast-paced work
Forceful movements
Manual handling of loads
Psychosocial/stress hazards
Repetitive movements/work
Prevention measures
Improving individual working techniques (e.g manual handling postures)
Worker participation
Technical measures e.g. ergonomic equipment
Reducing/minimising the risk by organisational measures, e.g. reducing the number of workers exposed, job rotation
Adjustments following injury/sickness absence
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