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E-Tools seminar 2022 - Wearable technologies for risk assessment

Topic of this year’s e-tools networking event was the use of digital technology, especially wearables, for Risk Assessment in the context of Occupational Safety and Health. Four speakers were invited to introduce the topic and present examples used...

Exploring OiRA tools dedicated to the hotel sector in Greece

Owners, management personnel and safety technicians from hotels in the Crete region benefit from an online training session on 5 December dedicated to the OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) programme and tools.

Organised by our national focal point in Greece, in cooperation with the Laboratory for Cognitive Ergonomics & Occupational Safety and the Hellenic Hoteliers Federation, the session focus primarily on the OiRA tools developed at national level dedicated to the hotel sector.

Participants are shown how to use the tools for effective risk management, as well as a series of related Napo films.

The event promotes the development of an occupational safety and health risks prevention culture among the employees and employers of the sector.

Portugal: hairdressers and barbers learn to assess work-related risks with OiRA

Hairdresser and barber

Given the importance of improving the working conditions of hairdressers and barbers, our Portuguese focal point host a webinar on 10 November to address ways to prevent work-related illnesses and accidents in these workplaces. Participants also discuss strategies for promoting wellbeing in this sector. An OiRA tool (Online interactive Risk Assessment) developed in Portugal for hairdressers is presented, in order to support and guide the implementation of measures to be carried out in salons. 

The event gathers members of the Portuguese Association of Barber Shops, Hairdressers and Beauty Institutes, the Association of Hairdressers of Portugal, the Clube Artístico dos Cabeleireiros de Portugal and the Authority for Working Conditions. 

OiRA tools enable micro and small enterprises to carry out risk assessments. The tools are free to download and can be easily filtered by country, sector or language. 

Take a look at other OiRA tools developed for the sector by our partners across the EU.  

New OiRA tools for the floriculture sector presented at Flanders Expo

As part of the Flanders Expo, the Green Fair presents an ideal opportunity to present the new OiRA tools for floriculture developed by our Belgian partners. After an introduction by the deputy in charge of agriculture of East-Flanders, the necessity of a tool for the floriculture sector will be presented by a labour inspector, explaining the challenges and risks in this line of work. 

A presentation of the OiRA tool will follow. OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) tools enable small and micro enterprises to carry out risk assessments, are free to use and can be filtered by country, sector and language.

Take a look at other OiRA tools developed for Belgium.

Further information on the Green Fair.

The benefits of using OiRA tools demonstrated in training seminar for MSEs

Effective risk assessment is key to developing a safe and healthy workplace; however, micro and small enterprises (MSEs) can face numerous challenges. The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EBEA), together with the Greek national focal point, will present a training seminar on 22 September for MSE representatives looking to undertake the role of Safety Technician within their organisation.

In the initial part of the seminar, attendees will be introduced to the significance of occupational safety and health (OSH), fundamental OSH principles and the national OSH legislation.

An overview of the OiRA (Online interactive Risk Assessment) project will then be provided. OiRA is a free, easy to use, on-line tool for small businesses to carry out risk assessments of their workplaces. There will then be a closer look at tools available at national level and how these can help to not only manage OSH risks, but also create a culture of prevention.

Napo films about using the OiRA tools and conducting risk assessments will be shown throughout the programme to support learning.

OiRA opens the door to safety and health in manufacturing sector

Manufacturing processes involve a large number of hazards. Working with heavy machinery, in confined spaces and with dangerous substances … all take their toll on manufacturing workers.

27 Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools in different EU countries help prevent and reduce safety and health risks in manufacturing environments. One more tool is under development.

Check out the available OiRA tools for manufacturing

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