French legislation recommends OiRA for workplace risk assessment

Big good news coming from France put the Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) platform in the spotlight. 

A newly enacted French legislation focusing on occupational health and prevention, recommends OiRA as one of the tools for carrying out risk assessment. Another important recognition of the potential of OiRA in contributing to safer and healthier working conditions.

With 41 OiRA tools tailored to a broad spectrum of professions and almost 60 000 registered users, France is showing very successful ways of encouraging micro and small companies to do their risk assessment online.

You may wish to access the legislation (in French)

Which are the existing OiRA tools in France?

Croatian artisans follow risk assessment training with OiRA

Assessing occupational safety and health risks in a free, easy and intuitive manner is gaining speed in Croatia. Small and medium enterprises are empowered by a number of Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools tailored for a variety of sectors.

To help even more entrepreneurs benefit from OiRA, the Croatian Ministry of Labor, Pension System, Family and Social Policy together with the Croatian Chamber of Crafts are organising a workshop in Zagreb on 27 April.

After this practical training, the participants will be able to conduct free risk assessments for their businesses and plan necessary preventive action.

See more details about the workshop (in Croatian)

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Free online risk assessment offered by OiRA in Belgium and Finland

Flower farmers in Belgium and road transport workers in Finland have now something important in common.

Thanks to our Online interactive Risk assessment (OiRA) partners in both countries, companies in the two sectors may benefit for free from the new and updated OiRA tools to assess and manage with ease their specific work-related risks.

The new Belgium OiRA tools on flower farming are available in French and Dutch language, and here you may access the updated Finnish tool for the road transport sector.

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* To access an OiRA tool you need to create an account and log in to the OiRA platform. 

Making farms a safer workplace with the help of OiRA

A new EU Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tool will help to assess and manage work-related risks in agriculture. The tool focuses on animal farming as well as fruit and vegetable cultivation.

Improved risk assessment for more sectors in Latvia

Chemical substances, moving machine parts, eye and face injuries… the printing industry workers face a long list of potential hazards. Our Latvian OiRA partner offers a new tool to help printing companies manage such risks with ease.

An OiRA tool for another demanding sector in Latvia - hospitals and day surgeries is now also ready for use.

If you are interested in office or education sectors risk assessment, take a look at the recently updated Latvian tools where you will find video tips and advice for creating safe and healthy work environments.

To access an OiRA tool you need to create an account and log in to the OiRA platform. 

Managing risks in sugarcane and banana farming with OiRA

Cane sugar and banana farming often require physically demanding labour including manual lifting, long hours of exposure to high temperatures and agrochemicals.

Careful risk assessment and planning are highly necessary to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all workers in this sector.

OiRA is now ready to help with a new tool created by the French National Research and Safety Institute and tailored to assess occupational risks in cane sugar and banana farming.

Check it out (in French).

Did you know that there are 41 OiRA tools activated in France? Find the tool for your sector.

* To access an OiRA tool you need to create an account and log in to the OiRA platform. 

Impressive risk assessment figures for 2021 thanks to OiRA

More than 201 200 risk assessments have been carried out in a wide range of sectors around Europe in 2021 through the use of Online interactive Risk Assessment (OiRA) tools. 265 was the number of active tools in the past year with 123 000 registered users.

Meanwhile, more than 85 OiRA tools are under development being tailored to support risk assessment processes in different EU countries and sectors – from general food trade and office work to veterinary, home care, and many others.

Do you want to know more? Browse the OiRA Summary for 2021 and help us spread the word about #OiRAtools

Looking for French enterprises to help improving OiRA

EU-OSHA in close collaboration with INRS is conducting research on how small French companies manage their occupational risk assessments by using OiRA tools.

The concrete idea is to approach the users of the OiRA in France and to conduct interviews in French with them in order to know their opinions and suggestions on the tool. Thanks to the testimonies that emerge from these interviews, we will be able to draw conclusions and subsequently improve the OiRA tool.

If you are a small establishment using OiRA and willing to support the project, you can help us by filling in this  pre-recruitment questionnaire or directly contact:

oira_study @ ecorys.com or oira @ osha.europa.eu