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Vision Zero Summit Japan 2022 - Redefining safety, health and well-being for the new normal

Vision Zero Summit Japan 2022 starts today! During three days and under the “Redefining Safety, Health and Well-being for the New Normal” motto, Vision Zero Japan has planned 16 parallel technical sessions and plenary sessions focusing on the practical implementation of the Vision Zero mindset at the enterprise level.

The Summit aims to introduce the Vision Zero concept to global enterprises and promote an exchange of experiences for those who have already adopted Vision Zero as a driver for occupational safety and health (OSH) management.

The opening session, held on May 11th, is attended by recognized experts in the health sector, such as Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), and Mr. Shigeyuki Goto, Minister of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan.

Dietmar Elsler from EU-OSHA is participating in the “Construction Engineering and OSH” session with a presentation on “LIFT-OSH: Leverage Instruments for OSH through ​market-based initiatives in the construction sector.”

Find out more on Vision Zero Summit Japan 2022 website.

Improving compliance with occupational safety and health regulations - translations now available

The last decade brought many changes in the structure, organisation, and control of work in Europe. This executive summary outlines the key findings of EU-OSHA´s latest research on improving compliance with occupational safety and health (OSH) regulations in the EU.

The study focuses on different types of support, including supply chain approaches, social reporting and business incentives for OSH, and innovative strategies and practices adopted by OSH regulators. The key findings and their implications for future policy and further research are presented in this executive summary and available now in six different EU languages.

Summary - Improving compliance with occupational safety and health regulations: an overarching review - Available now in DA, EL, FR, HU, NL, PL

Supporting compliance with OSH regulations: ongoing research

Adhering to occupational safety and health (OSH) standards is fundamental to worker protection. A new web section outlines research being carried out by EU-OSHA (2021 – 2024) to analyse the factors affecting compliance and how it can be improved, particularly among micro and small enterprises.

EU-OSHA's virtual poster awarded at the XXII OSH World Congress

We are pleased to announce that EU-OSHA's virtual poster "A Workers' Survey on Exposure to Cancer Risk Factors in Europe" won the OSH World Congress President Award under the topic Innovations in Addressing Longstanding Health and Safety Challenges.

This year's Congress featured a virtual Poster Exhibition with more than 400 posters relating to the topics addressed by the Congress Symposia, 5 of them prepared by EU-OSHA's experts.

If you attended the Congress, you can access the digital platform, view on-demand videos of all sessions or check out any posters you missed. And if you couldn't attend, you can still see and download EU-OSHA's virtual posters, including the awarded one, by visiting our Slideshare account:

A Workers’ Survey on Exposure to Cancer Risk Factors in Europe: An Innovative Approach to get Comparable and Reliable Data for Prevention and Policy-making Purposes by Xabier Irastorza, Marine Cavet and William Cockburn

New Developments and Trends in Psychosocial Risk Management in Europe – Evidence from the ESENER-3 Survey by Xabier Irastorza and Malgorzata Milczarek

How are Workplaces Managing OSH on a Daily Basis? by Xabier Irastorza

Value of OSH by Dietmar Elsler

OSH Barometer by Lothar Lieck





Improving compliance with OSH regulations

Improving OSH compliance in MSEs

Micro and small enterprises (MSEs) find complying with OSH regulations particularly challenging. However, previous EU-OSHA research finds that certain external factors have a strong influence on OSH compliance in MSEs:

  • legal enforcement of regulations
  • supply chain influences
  • external OSH services
  • social or sectoral norms
  • financial support.

This activity aims to follow up on these findings, by reviewing the types of support available and exploring innovative strategies for supporting compliance. Although MSEs are a particular focus, the important role played by larger companies in creating an environment that promotes compliance is also considered.

Phases of the research programme

Following an initial overarching review of OSH compliance, two major strands of research were identified for further in-depth studies:

  • The first relates to market-based approaches to promoting OSH, and looks at policies and strategies that influence supply chain relations to improve compliance with OSH regulations, focusing particularly on the agri-food and construction sectors.
  • The second strand focuses on state influences, that is, regulatory and enforcement approaches to ensuring OSH compliance, to identify innovative practices adopted by inspectorates and prevention services to support OSH.

The impact of COVID-19 on OSH compliance

The overarching review also identifies the need to examine how the challenges posed by COVID-19 affect OSH compliance. This becomes most obvious in the agri-food and construction sectors, as workers in these sectors are among those most affected by the pandemic and supply chain disruptions. The research aims to inform the development of policies that improve working conditions by helping businesses to comply with OSH regulations.