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Non-binding Guidelines for the Hairdressing Sector - Now Available

Hairdressers are exposed to many kinds of occupational risks that can lead to health conditions like musculoskeletal disorders, skin diseases, and respiratory problems.

The "Non-binding guidelines for the hairdressing sector" are part of the European Commission's activities to support the implementation of the European Framework Agreement on the Protection of Occupational Health and Safety in the Hairdressing Sector.

Prepared by the DG Employment and based on reference documents provided by the EU Social Partners, the guidelines provide general information on risk assessment, specific safety and health guidance for hairdressers, and a helpful list of online resources for risk management at a national level.

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Guidance for National Labour Inspectors on addressing health risks from welding fumes

This SLIC guidance document was developed for National Labour Inspectorates, with the aim of increasing inspectors’ confidence in addressing and regulating health risks from welding activities and exposure to welding fumes, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of interventions principally in manufacturing and other sectors, such as construction.

Part 1 provides background information, including: health risks, types of welding, the legal framework for regulation, typical control measures, health surveillance and key information summary.