Qualitative post-test evaluation of ESENER: substantive findings


This report draws the findings from a series of cognitive face-to-face interviews conducted with both management and (where possible) employee respondents to the 2009 ESENER survey in 90 establishments in five countries: Bulgaria, Finland, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. The interviews explored both (1) how respondents understood and interpreted a number of the survey questions and also (2) the interviewees’ substantive responses to the questions themselves. This report focuses on the second point, the substantive comments made by interviewees, and covers a range of issues including the establishments’ overall approach to health and safety and the factors affecting their approach, the main health and safety concerns in the workplace, how risk assessments are carried out and the involvement of employees in the management of workplace health and safety. The reports should be read in conjunction with the full report on the survey.

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