Maintenance practice in the printing industry

As maintenance incurs a cost for all businesses, it is useful if they understand the benefits they can gain from effective upkeep of equipment and services. Within the printing industry, effective maintenance is essential to ensure that equipment does not break down and interrupt production. However, many printers tend to have a reactive approach to maintenance, carrying out such work only when a breakdown occurs.

The present project aims to promote good maintenance practice among organisations in order to increase productivity and profits. This is an important issue for businesses because research has shown that there is a clear link between productivity, reliability and maintenance.

Specifically, effective maintenance can reduce total operating costs, produce finished work on time and ensure consistent product quality. It also protects the investment companies make in expensive equipment and reduces the lifetime operating costs of machinery by keeping wear and the need to replace parts to a minimum. Good maintenance is environmentally friendly, reducing unnecessary use of energy and cleaning materials, reducing waste and noise.

Finally, of course, good maintenance plays a key role in health and safety compliance.

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