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Supporting compliance with workplace safety regulations in Malta

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Occupational Health and Safety Authority (OSHA)


Unsafe working conditions can have a substantial impact. Work-related injuries can severely restrict a person's ability to perform tasks, engage in sports, walk or even drive, leading to important human, societal and financial consequences. Our national focal point in Malta, the Occupational Health and Safety Authority, is organising a seminar to raise awareness about the importance of developing a solid framework to tackle occupational safety and health (OSH).

Establishing efficient approaches for managing safety and health in the workplace is not only legally and morally required, but also a strategic business decision with benefits that span from protecting human lives to augmenting operational efficiency. This seminar will address, among others, the key elements of OSH management systems, the importance of accident investigations as well as OSH policies and risk assessments.

The event will also cover subjects such as ergonomics and the safe use of electricity. Attendees will discover how to ensure safer and healthier workplaces as well as regulatory compliance.


  • Valeria Vella, TV hostess and producer and conference interpreter


  • Mr Charles Micallef, Manager – OHS Officers (OHSA)
  • Mr Clinton Cachia, Principal OHS Officer (OHSA)
  • Mr Norbert Ciappara, Principal OHS Officer (OHSA)
  • Ms Elizabeth Sharon Saliba, Principal OHS Officer (OHSA)
  • Mr Pierre Conti, Principal Officer (OHSA)