Exposure to physical hazards

This is a guidance document, published by the EU Commission in 2020, on the implementation of the specific provisions on radon in workplaces of Directive 2013/59/Euratom.
Guidance issued by the EU Commission in 2018 on best practice relating to monitoring individuals for occupational intakes of radionuclides.
The practical guidelines and case studies support employers with advice on carrying out risk assessments and implementing preventive measures related to risks arising from electromagnetic fields.
The non-binding guide, published by the EU Commission in 2011, describes how employers can assess the risks of artificial optical radiation.
The Number 156 issue of the Radiation protection series provides a brief introduction into the subject including scientific information on cosmic radiation, typical exposure to air crew, measurement of cosmic radiation, modelling of exposure to air crew, as well as the legal background.
This good practice guide explains how workers' exposure to noise at work can be reduced or avoided.
The European Commission published in 2008 a guideline on the implementation of Directive 2002/44/EC on vibrations at work.
The recommendation establishes a common framework for providing the general public a high level of protection against the potential harmful effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields.