EU-OSHA launched a 3-year project in 2014 to identify effective policies, strategies and practical approaches to OSH management in MSEs, which are vital to society and the EU’s economy. The project, commissioned from a group of researchers who form the SESAME (Safe Small and Micro Enterprises) consortium, has been carried out in four phases: phase 1 assessed the current situation with regard to OSH in MSEs; phase 2 explored the workplace view of OSH in MSEs; phase 3 examined the success factors for effective OSH policies and practices in MSEs; and phase 4 comprises the final analysis of the project’s findings. Overall, the three main objectives of the project are to (1) provide evidence-based support for policy recommendations, (2) identify workplace-level good practices in ensuring good OSH management and (3) inform future research on the determinants of good OSH. Results from each of these phases were published throughout 2016 and 2017.