Healthy Workplaces for All Ages Summit 2017

Healthy Workplaces for All Ages was a decentralised campaign open to organisations and individuals at local, national and European levels. It was coordinated at the national level by EU-OSHA’s focal points in more than 30 European countries, and supported by official campaign partners — pan-European and multinational organisations and the campaign media partners.

Throughout 2016 and 2017, EU-OSHA campaigned to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable ageing in the workforce. Although managing the ageing workforce is a challenge, this campaign aimed to provide clear and useful guidance on measures that can be taken to encourage sustainable work and prevent early exit from the labour market. The key aims of the Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2016-17 were to:

  • promote sustainable work and healthy ageing from the start of the working life;
  • prevent health problems throughout the working life;
  • provide ways for employers and workers to manage occupational safety and health in the context of an ageing workforce; and
  • encourage the exchange of information and good practice.