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Workshop on “Gender and age – impact on working life” ETUI International conference ‘Women´s Health and Work’

Debates over retirement age and keeping older workers working are ongoing across Europe. This has put the sustainability of work on the agenda. But how should gender issues be part of making work sustainable, so the whole workforce, men and women, can remain healthy throughout working life and into retirement. This workshop, organised on 4th of March 2015 in the framework of the ETUI conference Women’s health and work, sharing knowledge and experiences to enhance women’s working conditions and gender equality’ It aimed to identify and discuss key issues for gender-sensitivity in sustainable work and what is happening in practice. It also addressed the gender dimension of workplace rehabilitation and proposed a gender-sensitive approach to the OSH needs of workers with care duties, many of them older female workers. The workshop summary and presentations are now available on the EU-OSHA website.

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ITUH, Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 5; 1210 Brussels

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