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Safe and Healthy Workplaces: a precondition for well-being, growth and competitiveness in Europe

Employment in a healthy and safe working environment is not only beneficial for the individual employee but also for employers and insurers and therefore enhances the European economy. Employers with high occupational safety and health standards tend to be more successful and profit from lower sickness absence rates of their employees. Furthermore, occupational safety and health prevention measures contribute to the sustainability of social insurance systems as the reduction of work-related accidents and diseases avoids further medical and rehabilitation expenses.

ESIP and PEROSH as well as EU-OSHA and the European Forum of the insurance against accidents at work and occupational diseases have published several positions on this issue. Together, they organised a breakfast event at the European Parliament to discuss important future research and policy priorities, as well as best practices to minimise occupational accidents and work-related hazards with experts and decision makers in the field.

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