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managing diversity


creating an inclusive equitable working environment in which employees from all backgrounds are engaged and respected in order to ensure that all can perform to their full potential

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When people from multiple cultures have to work together, difficulties or misunderstandings may occur as a result of language issues or because of differences in attitudes, beliefs and competences. Managing diversity within these teams requires awareness of such differences, in order to create a work environment in which differences are addressed or valued and workers can perform to their full potential.

Term reference

Starren, A., Luijters, K., Drupsteen, L., Vilkevicius, G., Eeckelaert, L., Diverse cultures at work: ensuring safety and health through leadership and participation, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2013, p. 11, [9.10.2018]


  • Български: управление на многообразието
  • Čeština: řízení rozmanitosti
  • Dansk: mangfoldighedsledelse
  • Deutsch: mit Vielfalt umgehen
  • Ελληνικά: διαχείριση της πολυμορφίας
  • English: managing diversity
  • Español: gestionar la diversidad
  • Eesti: mitmekesisuse haldamine
  • Suomi: monimuotoisuuden hallinta
  • Français: gestion de la diversité
  • Hrvatski: metanol
  • Magyar: sokszínűség kezelése
  • Íslenska: stjórnun á fjölbreytileika
  • Italiano: gestire la diversità
  • Lietuvių: įvairovės valdymas
  • Latviešu: daudzveidības pārvaldība
  • Malti: ġestjoni tad-diversità
  • Nederlands: diversiteit managen
  • Norsk: mangfoldsledelse
  • Polski: zarządzanie różnorodnością
  • Português: gestão da diversidade
  • Română: gestionarea diversității
  • Slovenčina: manažment rozmanitosti
  • Slovenščina: upravljanje raznolikosti
  • Svenska: mångfaldshantering