EU-OSHA’s multilingual thesaurus of occupational safety and health terminology lists words grouped together in a hierarchy. It includes synonyms and antonyms of those words and some definitions.

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Job insecurity


ongoing feeling of concern about whether one's job will exist in the future, that can be fuelled by perceived threats to various aspects of a job, such as position within an organisation or career development opportunities

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Overall, work-related stress, anxiety and depression are common due to the precarious nature of most jobs, job insecurity , work intensification, working for multiple employers, continual monitoring, working alongside robots and pressure to increase productivity from AI systems (known as the 'digital whip').

Term reference

Stacey, N., Ellwood, P., Bradbrook, S., Foresight on new and emerging occupational safety and health risks associated with information and communication technologies and work location by 2025 – Final Report, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA), Bilbao, 18.1.2018, p. 42, [9.10.2018]


  • Български: несигурност на работното място
  • Čeština: Nejistota zaměstnání
  • Dansk: Jobusikkerhed
  • Deutsch: Qualtität des Arbeitsplatzes
  • Ελληνικά: εργασιακή ανασφάλεια
  • English: Job insecurity
  • Español: Inseguridad laboral
  • Eesti: Töökoha ebakindlus
  • Suomi: Työn epävarmuus
  • Français: Insécurité de l’emploi
  • Hrvatski: Organizacija radnog mjesta
  • Magyar: Munkahelyi bizonytalanság
  • Íslenska: Vinnutengda
  • Italiano: Incertezza lavorativa
  • Lietuvių: Nesaugumas dėl darbo
  • Latviešu: Nodarbinātības nestabilitāte
  • Malti: Insigurtà tal-impjiegi
  • Nederlands: Baanonzekerheid
  • Norsk: Jobbusikkerhet
  • Polski: Niepewność zatrudnienia
  • Português: Insegurança laboral
  • Română: Nesiguranța locului de muncă
  • Slovenčina: Neistota zamestnania
  • Slovenščina: Negotovost zaposlitve
  • Svenska: Anställningsotrygghet