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Inclusive organisational culture


organisational environment that allows people from varied backgrounds, mindsets and ways of thinking to be included so as to work effectively together and to perform to the highest potential in order to achieve organisational objectives based on sound principles

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One of the most renowned researchers in the field of national and organisational culture is the Dutchman Geert Hofstede. Based on a comprehensive sociocultural study, conducted between 1968 and 1972 at IBM Corporation, and several subsequent studies worldwide, Hofstede identified five dimensions by which societies or nations can be distinguished and ordered (Hofstede, 1991, 1 2001).

Term reference

Starren, A., Luijters, K., Drupsteen, L., Vilkevicius, G., Eeckelaert, L., Diverse cultures at work: ensuring safety and health through leadership and participation, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2013, p. 41, [9.10.2018]


  • Български: приобщаваща организационна култура
  • Čeština: inkluzivní organizační kultura
  • Dansk: inklusiv organisationskultur
  • Deutsch: inklusive Organisationskultur
  • Ελληνικά: οργανωτική νοοτροπία χωρίς αποκλεισμούς
  • English: Inclusive organisational culture
  • Español: cultura organizacional inclusiva
  • Eesti: kaasav organisatsioonikultuur
  • Suomi: osallistava organisaatiokulttuuri
  • Français: culture organisationnelle inclusive
  • Hrvatski: uključiva organizacijska kultura
  • Magyar: inkluzív szervezeti kultúra
  • Íslenska: fyrirtækismenning án aðgreiningar
  • Italiano: cultura organizzativa inclusiva
  • Lietuvių: įtrauki organizacinė kultūra
  • Latviešu: iekļaujoša organizācijas kultūra
  • Malti: kultura organizzattiva inklużiva
  • Nederlands: inclusieve organisatiecultuur
  • Norsk: inkluderende organisasjonskultur
  • Polski: włączająca kultura organizacyjna
  • Português: cultura organizacional de inclusão
  • Română: cultură organizațională favorabilă incluziunii
  • Slovenčina: inkluzívna organizačná kultúra
  • Slovenščina: vključujoča organizacijska kultura
  • Svenska: inkluderande organisationskultur