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gig work


form of casual or on-call work that can comprise work performed on demand through an online platform but also other types of freelance-type activities, digitally facilitated or not

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Some policy dialogue has also emerged on what is termed “gig work” or the “gig economy”, how “precarious” such employment is, and how policy might respond. Seeking to ensure protection for “gig” workers through collective bargaining can, it has been commented, come up against competition regulations, and the prohibition of cartels.

Term reference

Garben, S., Protecting Workers in the Online Platform Economy: An overview of regulatory and policy developments in the EU - European Risk Observatory Discussion paper, Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, 2017, p. 9, [9.10.2018]


  • Български: работа по заявка
  • Čeština: práce na zakázku
  • Dansk: gig arbejde
  • Deutsch: Arbeit in der Gig Economy
  • Ελληνικά: έκτακτη κατ’ αποκοπή εργασία
  • English: gig work
  • Español: trabajo gig
  • Eesti: juhutöö
  • Suomi: keikkatyö
  • Français: petit boulot
  • Hrvatski: honorarni rad
  • Magyar: gigmunka
  • Íslenska: hark vinna
  • Italiano: lavoro a chiamata tramite piattaforma
  • Lietuvių: darbas trumpalaikiuose projektuose
  • Latviešu: gabaldarbs
  • Malti: xogħol gig
  • Nederlands: kluswerk
  • Norsk: oppdragsarbeid
  • Polski: praca wykonywana za pośrednictwem platform internetowych
  • Português: trabalho gig (trabalhos pontuais)
  • Română: muncă la comandă
  • Slovenčina: zakázková práca
  • Slovenščina: priložnostno delo
  • Svenska: gig-jobb