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collaborative robot


robot designed for direct interaction with a human within a defined collaborative workspace, designed to be safe, adaptable, and user-friendly, often displaying human-like features such as dual-arms and facial expressions

Context: Info

The next expected evolution in distribution is the increased use of collaborative robots to perform the picking activities, directly filling tote boxes or shipping cartons with our orders.

Term reference

The future of the (e-)retail sector from an occupational safety and health point of view, Matthew Birtles, BSc (Hons), European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, [26.9.2018]


  • Български: робот сътрудник
  • Čeština: kolaborativní robot
  • Dansk: samarbejdende robot
  • Deutsch: kollaborativer Roboter
  • Ελληνικά: συνεργατικό ρομπότ
  • English: collaborative robot
  • Español: robot colaborativo
  • Eesti: koostöörobot
  • Suomi: yhteistyörobotti
  • Français: robot collaboratif
  • Hrvatski: suradnički robot
  • Magyar: kollaboratív robot
  • Íslenska: samvinnuþjarki
  • Italiano: robot collaborativo
  • Lietuvių: bendradarbiaujantis robotas
  • Latviešu: sadarbības robots
  • Malti: robot kollaborattiv
  • Nederlands: op samenwerking gerichte robots
  • Norsk: samarbeidende robot
  • Polski: robot współpracujący
  • Português: robô colaborativo
  • Română: robot colaborativ
  • Slovenčina: kolaboratívny robot
  • Slovenščina: sodelovalni robot
  • Svenska: samarbetsrobot