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24/7 economy


market that works relentlessly, 24 hours a day and seven days a week with schedules in which the majority of an employee’s work hours fall outside a typical daytime Monday-to-Friday schedule including evenings, nights, rotating shifts alternating between day, evening, or night shifts but on a fixed schedule, split shifts, irregular hours and regular weekend work

Context: Info

Another threat of ICT relates to work-life balance. ICT has the potential to enable a 24/7 economy, which could lead to excessive working hours and insufficient time for people to relax (EU-OSHA, 2014a).

Term reference

Foresight on new and emerging occupational safety and health risks associated with information and communication technologies and work location by 2025, Final report, European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, 2018


  • Български: икономика 24/7
  • Čeština: nonstop ekonomika
  • Dansk: 24/7-økonomi
  • Deutsch: 24/7-Wirtschaft
  • Ελληνικά: οικονομία που λειτουργεί με το σχήμα 24 ώρες / 7 ημέρες
  • English: 24/7 economy
  • Español: economía de actividad permanente
  • Eesti: ööpäev läbi toimiv majandus
  • Suomi: 24/7-talous
  • Français: économie 24/7
  • Hrvatski: neprekidno gospodarstvo
  • Magyar: folyamatosan működő gazdaság
  • Íslenska: 24/7 hagkerfi
  • Italiano: economia “24 ore su 24 e 7 giorni su 7”
  • Lietuvių: visą parą 7 dienas per savaitę grindžiama ekonomika
  • Latviešu: nepārtrauktā ekonomika
  • Malti: ekonomija 24/7
  • Nederlands: 24-uurseconomie
  • Norsk: 24/7-økonomi
  • Polski: gospodarka działająca w systemie 24/7
  • Português: economia 24/7
  • Română: economie non-stop
  • Slovenčina: nonstop ekonomika
  • Slovenščina: nonstop gospodarstvo
  • Svenska: dygnet runt-samhälle