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act of reorganising the legal, ownership, operational or other structures of a company for the purpose of making it more profitable, or better organized for its present needs

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'Restructuring – company reorganisation, closures, mergers & acquisitions, downsizing, outsourcing, relocation etc. – is a necessary part of economic life but the consequences can be painful for all concerned. The EU is working to reduce the negative impact of restructuring and help people capitalise on the opportunities it presents.'

Term reference

'Restructuring', European Commission Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion > policies activities > European employment strategy > restructuring, [9.12.2016]


corporate management term


  • Български: преструктуриране
  • Čeština: restrukturalizace
  • Dansk: omstrukturering
  • Deutsch: Umstrukturierung
  • Ελληνικά: αναδιάρθρωση
  • English: restructuring
  • Español: reestructuración
  • Eesti: restruktureerimine
  • Suomi: rakenneuudistus
  • Français: restructuration
  • Hrvatski: restrukturiranje
  • Magyar: szerkezetátalakítás
  • Íslenska: endurskipulagning
  • Italiano: ristrutturazione
  • Lietuvių: restruktūrizavimas
  • Latviešu: pārstrukturēšana
  • Malti: ristrutturar
  • Nederlands: reorganisatie
  • Norsk: omstrukturering
  • Polski: restrukturyzacja
  • Português: reestruturação
  • Română: restructurare
  • Slovenčina: reštrukturalizácia
  • Slovenščina: prestrukturiranje
  • Svenska: omstrukturering